Tuesday, July 7, 2009

14 months ago (yesterday)

what an amazing 14 months this has been ~ and i continue to be blessed! i know that i have said this a LOT over the last 14 months but i am so blessed to have had weight loss surgery. i feel that way with all my heart. the last month i have branched out a tiny bit and had more fruit - specifically strawberries and blackberries! YUM and twice we went out to a restaurant where they have peanuts in the shell and i've enjoyed eating peanuts IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT! i am fully aware of the fact that snack foods are a slippery slope and i don't want to ever start eating them at home or somewhere where i will be tempted to keep munching.

what i would LOVE to do is have a tummy tuck, get the excess skin removed from my upper arms and it would be a dream to have the excess skin removed from my inner thighs and get rid of around 10 pounds of excess skin ~ but that is very expensive and i doubt will ever happen. i lost 7 pounds this month for a total of 164 pounds lost to date WHOO HOOO!!! i am wearing size 10's and feeling extremely good and healthy. would love to take off an additional 11 pounds, although i am pretty happy with where i am right now.