Saturday, August 30, 2008

been a good week

this has been a good week - lost 5 pounds.  i haven't done anything different it just seems that there are weeks where the scale doesn't move, while my body is adjusting to everything and then the weight falls off.  looks like i am averaging around 12-14 pounds per month now. was at alex's first soccer practice this week and saw mom's who i haven't seen since before surgery and one mom said "have you lost a LOT of weight?"  and i told them about my surgery. so this is the first time that i ran into someone i knew who i haven't seen since surgery -  it has been 18 1/2 weeks and 70 pounds gone!

Friday, August 22, 2008

4 months ago today ....

.... i started on my weight loss with the 2 weeks pre-surgery liquid diet.  since that date i have lost 65 pounds ... yeaaa me!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

loving each day

i am so blessed that God led me into having weight loss surgery.  every day has been great!  i am thoroughly enjoying the new foods that i am eating - finding new recipes through and also trying different foods at restaurants.  last night we had olive garden and i got the parmesan crusted tilapia with squash and it is awesome.  i have no idea what the nutritional count is for a full serving, but since i only eat less than half (NO pasta) i know that it is within what i should be having.  and it is absolutely delicious!
weight loss to date 64 pounds! 

Sunday, August 10, 2008

3 months later ...

....  and doing great.  last week on august 6th marked 3 months since my surgery and my weight loss is progressing just fine.  found another convenience meal that works - at saint louis bread company (panera bread) they have an asian salad with chicken and i have gotten that a couple of times without the wonton strips and with extra chicken - i remove most of the lettuce and it is a very tasty meal.  friday evening we ordered carry out from olive garden and i got the parmesan crusted tilapia and it was delicious.  i ate around half of the fish and some of the sauteed squash. on the 8th of august i reached 60 pounds weight loss to date!