Monday, March 31, 2008

another insurance approval pending

just found out that DePaul had to send in a new letter requesting insurance approval.  i didn't ask a lot of questions of the nurse at DePaul (theresa)  will ask more questions on wednesday.  i am to still attend the full day class and they will set up a surgery date.  

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

cardiologist giving clearance

yesterday had the appointment with my cardiologist and he is going to give me clearance to proceed with the surgery.  on sunday evening, when i was doing my blood pressure i knew that my heart was beating pretty fast (no idea why because it was a relaxing day) and my heart rate was at 132 beats - NOT good.  so, he put me on a holter heart monitor for a 24 hour recording to see if my heart is having any irregular rhythms that i am not sensing.

when discussing the surgery he said that he will write up instructions for the doctor doing my procedure regarding my heart.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

scheduled for pre-op class!

on wednesday, april 2nd i spend the entire day at DePaul Weight Loss Institute (be there at 7am). there will be approximately 9 other people doing the same.  there will be group meetings with the doctor, nurse, nutritionist, exercise guru. then one on one with the doctor where he will determine if any additional testing is necessary. and last thing one on one with nurse for scheduling surgery.  

i still have to get clearance with my cardiologist and that meeting is this coming tuesday morning.

Friday, March 14, 2008

DePaul Seminar

last night i went to a seminar (required) out at DePaul.  i was VERY impressed with the entire staff ~ very well polished and informed, yet not stuffy. turned in all my paperwork to my nurse, teresa miller, so hopefully things will progress quickly.  i am still a bit concerned over the fact that i do not have the 5 year doctors weight history.  this is something that they mentioned a number of times.  since i already have insurance approval hopefully this will not cause any delays.  also, it seems that my cardiologist, dr. nanda is a major influence at DePaul, so if there are any "issues" about me not having that 5 year information, he will be able to overcome any problems in that regard.  my appointment with dr. nanda is march 25th. because of my heart problems he has to give written clearance on me being able to have the procedure.

after the session i spoke briefly with teresa miller and she said that getting the insurance approval transferred over to DePaul is no big deal at all and should be  handled with just a phone call.  she said that they should be able to get me in for one of their april initial classes and then surgery some time in may!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

file being transferred

yesterday i received a phone call from new start to schedule the appointment with my surgeon.  i informed them of the change in plans and how my file needs to be sent to DePaul.  she was very nice and it didn't seem to be a big deal at all. she asked for the names and phone numbers of who she needs to call - whew - i was a bit concerned that it would be complicated.

today i read through all the documents and completed all the forms for DePaul Weight Loss Institute.  will take everything with me thursday evening when i go out there for the seminar.

things are moving along.....

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Start or DePaul Weight Loss Institute

as a result of my heart acting up during the colonoscopy on friday my primary care physician wants me to see if there is any way that i could be accepted for weight loss surgery at DePaul. this is actually where i originally wanted to go for the surgery however i didn't meet their required 5 year doctors reported weight history.  the doctor feels that DePaul would be better should there be any cardiac issues during the procedure.  after explaining everything to the person on the phone at DePaul and letting them know that i have received insurance approval they are sending out the necessary paperwork to submit for consideration.  i will also need to have a letter of clearance from my cardiologist, Dr. Nanda before being accepted - i have an appointment with him on march 25th.  

received insurance approval

on monday i called blue cross blue shield and i have received insurance approval for weight loss surgery!! praise God! now the official letter of approval has to be received by New Start before anything further can take place.

been quite an eventful week

last friday, the 29th i had a colonoscopy. and during the procedure my heart rate escalated to  twice the normal rate and became very irregular.  as a result i ended up spending the night and most of saturday in the hospital for tests and observation.  they did 3 or 4 EKG's and an echocardiogram took a LOT of blood and there wasn't anything abnormal about my heart.  this is called heart arrhythmia and if not treated properly could cause blood clots and/or stroke.  eeeek! so i am now on a beta blocker for my heart along with my blood pressure medicine.   GOOD news, my colon is in good shape, they removed a polyp but it isn't cancerous.