Sunday, September 6, 2009

has it really been 16 months???

wow ~ i absolutely cannot believe how blessed i am! it is impossible to adequately express how thankful i am that i had this surgery.

16 months ago i would have spent my sunday afternoon doing absolutely nothing constructive. probably would have been laying around, napping, watching tv.... NOT today! after church we stopped by the grocery store and then after a light lunch i painted in the kitchen area for around 3 hours. then immediately cleaned up completely~ vaccuumed, washed the back door window, straightened up the house. then fixed dinner and right after dinner was on the treadmill for 1.5 miles.

i feel SO good! as far as my weight loss, i honestly think i have lost all my body will let me lose. since last month i lost 2 pounds but haven't lost anything for 3 weeks and in fact my weight has fluctuated back and forth with those 2 pounds. i am basically eating the same as i did while i was working hard on losing weight, with just adding more fruit and vegetables ~ no plans at all to start adding anything else ~ i am very mentally satisfied with how i am eating right now.

so my total weight loss is 173 pounds! PRAISE GOD!