Sunday, June 29, 2008

good but uneventful week

don't really have a lot to report about for this week - everything is still going well - no food issues this week at all, but then i didn't try anything new.  still staying away from chicken and any other dense meats.  mainly ate either quiche or black bean soup or spaghini.  

weight loss to date 43 pounds

Saturday, June 21, 2008

new experience this week (possible TMI)

this has been a very good week - with one exception - experienced "foamies" on monday night.
i've had very good success with ground round - having hamburgers, mock taco salad - even had a steak n shake burger last weekend.  monday evening the kids wanted food from Red Robin and it sounded good to me too so i ordered their protein burger (carry out). this is basically a burger, no bun wrapped in lettuce.  at first bite i could tell that they firmly pack their meat because it just felt more dense - after a couple of bites it stuck. new this time though i started belching a LOT. well i ended up throwing up the burger along with a LOT of foam - very strange and uncomfortable feeling.  

i discovered protein pudding this week from Instone - got it at GNC - it has 20 grams protein and is very tasty - very thick rather gooey texture though, but glad to find another way of getting protein.  the only other protein supplements that i have liked are isopure and the new whey bullets, so i was pleased to find this protein.

made a couple of awesome soups this week from the website ~ creamy cauliflower & chicken (didn't add the chicken, used tofu instead) and my favorite so far the thick black bean soup.  

weight loss to date 42 pounds - after 8 1/2 weeks

Saturday, June 14, 2008

time sure has gone quickly

i cannot believe that it has been almost 6 weeks since my surgery.  and i feel great.  have been enjoying different foods this week.  because sarah and terry are on south beach we are all able to eat some of the great recipes that i have found from  this week i made the cheeseburger pie - which was pretty good, i made it with 2% cheese and that cheese doesn't melt very well.  the taste was good but when i make it again i am going to use regular shredded cheddar.  then on thursday i made the au gratin talapia - WOW was it delicious!!!! even took some to work on friday.  had a bit of broccoli too. then today we were doing a special father's day brunch for terry since he is heading to dc in the morning.  made the broccoli quiche OH MY GOODNESS - it is awesome.  unfortunately for me i was eating a piece of turkey bacon and not paying close attention to my chewing and i must not have chewed enough and it ended up getting stuck so i didn't get to eat more than a few bites of the quiche.  speaking of things getting stuck - on monday i ate some stir fry that sarah made with chicken and the same thing happened.  poo!! weight loss to date 40 pounds!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008


this week i finally progressed to being able to eat real food that requires chewing!!  oh happy days!  still having the fage yogurt for breakfast because it is good and easy and can pick up at the store by my office (eat breakfast at work)  for lunch i have been making little roll-ups with the buttig type ham (no sugar added meats!) and spreading happy cow on the meat and rolling up.  i make two of them using 3 slices of meat with each one.  i have a little knife and a little fork and take little bites and chew chew chew.  on wednesday evening i had albacore tuna and i am not sure what happened but after eating about half of it it felt like it stuck trying to enter my stomach.  i tried belching it up, tried throwing it up - tried chewing some ice - finally after around a half hour it passed.  i think i'm going to stay away from tuna for a while.  yesterday was the BEST!! had the grilled shrimp from outback with their dipping sauce, which was yummy. today i'm down two more pounds - so the shrimp and sauce were okay!!  today i am going to make a cheeseburger quiche for lunch - recipe from the weight loss board

weight loss to date 36 pounds

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

4 weeks ago ~~~

~~~ i had my weight loss surgery. goodness how quickly the time has gone by!  and today i actually get to chew - I'm excited about that ~ it has been 6 weeks of liquids and then purees and soups.  i am going to wait until dinner time, so that i am at home when i eat something. just planning on doing some deli type meat (buttig) ham with happy cow cheese spread on it then rolled.  the meats are generally moist and should go well.

i haven't posted a lot lately, because everything has been pretty basic, nothing special happening.  not having any more pains or anything.  haven't had any emotional issues connected to eating or anything.  doing very well physically and mentally.  

weight loss to date 33 pounds in 6 weeks.