Monday, January 21, 2008

in the beginning ...

after years of struggling with my weight - around 30 years of ups and downs i have taken serious steps toward having weight loss surgery. i've thought about it for a number of years but this time is different - it just feels that God is opening the doors for me to proceed with surgery. in december i found a new primary care physician and have been going through a number of physicals. it was discovered that i have high blood pressure and that my thyroid is a little out of sync so i am on medication to hopefully balance these two things out.  since my thyroid was running slow hopefully the medication will assist in me being able to metabolize foods quicker. 

now - about the weight loss surgery.  i have found New Start in saint louis as the bariatric center for my surgery.  i have received a number of good references regarding this center and it has received the honor of being a center of excellence.  they have received my primary care physicians letter of recommendation, tomorrow i am dropping off my paperwork on my way to work and the psychiatrist should have his letter in tomorrow too.

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