Friday, March 14, 2008

DePaul Seminar

last night i went to a seminar (required) out at DePaul.  i was VERY impressed with the entire staff ~ very well polished and informed, yet not stuffy. turned in all my paperwork to my nurse, teresa miller, so hopefully things will progress quickly.  i am still a bit concerned over the fact that i do not have the 5 year doctors weight history.  this is something that they mentioned a number of times.  since i already have insurance approval hopefully this will not cause any delays.  also, it seems that my cardiologist, dr. nanda is a major influence at DePaul, so if there are any "issues" about me not having that 5 year information, he will be able to overcome any problems in that regard.  my appointment with dr. nanda is march 25th. because of my heart problems he has to give written clearance on me being able to have the procedure.

after the session i spoke briefly with teresa miller and she said that getting the insurance approval transferred over to DePaul is no big deal at all and should be  handled with just a phone call.  she said that they should be able to get me in for one of their april initial classes and then surgery some time in may!!!

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