Monday, April 6, 2009

142 pounds in 11 months!

i am thrilled, happy, healthier but most of all blessed! blessed in so many ways, but since this blog is about my weight loss surgery - the blessing i am referring to here is that God allowed me to have this surgery.  the last 4 weeks have been great - our family went to dallas texas for a weekend and wow ~ to fly on a plane and not feel like you are hanging over on both sides of your seat and to have around an extra 12 inches on the seatbelt - and to have energy to spare, and to sit in a seat at a sports game and fit!!!  and to go shopping for ME at regular clothing stores like banana republic and j.crew and find clothing that fits!!  to put on a swimming suit and get in the hot tub in the hotel rather than sitting on the side watching others!!!  i give God all the thanks and all the glory!

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fiona Lambert said...

hi Joanne, thank you for the information put in to your blog I especially loved your profile I too love Jesus and I am grateful to him for this surgery. I am only a few day post op and feel little restriction. I had gastric band surgery and will have a fill in 6 weeks. I have four children and look forward to things I cannot do now like a game of tennis! It endouraged me to read your blog God bless you x