Tuesday, October 6, 2009

mark it down!!! september 16th GOALLLLLL!!! yup on september 16th i reached 149 pounds, actually getting 1 pound below goal for a total loss of 176 pounds. needless to say i am totally thrilled. that was 3 weeks ago and i basically haven't changed how i am eating. i have had a little more fruit ~ enjoying grapes now that strawberries are out of season. i have also been eating more peanuts and almonds.

PRAISE GOD for this awesome blessing!!


StLphotogirl said...

congratulations on reaching your goal! That is so exciting!

Tabitha said...

This may not be the place for this, but I just have a question.
I'm a christian also and I believe that Gastric Bypass is the right choice for me. However I'm very nervous, is this normal?

Carolyn said...

JoAnne, you are amazing and God is so wonderful!!