Tuesday, July 8, 2008

11 weeks/or/2 months

eleven weeks that i have been losing weight - 2 months ago sunday i had surgery. wow!
not much new to report - haven't tried any extraordinarily wonderful new recipes - oh except did a spinach, bacon, swiss quiche on saturday that sure was delicious.  kind of falling into some easy routines regarding food items - things that work, taste good and are relatively easy to prepare.  my favorite protein right now is taking one of the new whey blue raspberry "bullets" and pouring it into the lemonade crystal light - YUM.  pretty hard to find though. we drove to 3 different GNC's on sunday before we found their last box. tasty and 42 g of protein! next favorite is the lean dessert whipped vanilla protein - makes a very nice treat in the evening.  going through the container pretty fast though because when i start blending sarah and terry want one too :-p
after 11 weeks - 47 pounds lost

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