Wednesday, July 23, 2008

working through stalls

during the first two months the pounds melted away really quickly. the first week lost 20 pounds. then in may i didn't even get on the scale, because i knew that with the surgery my weight would actually be up a bit from the trauma of surgery. until mid june i would lose a pound or half pound almost every other day. i was sure hoping that this rate of weight loss would continue for a long time.  but, the weight loss has slowed down a bit.  i am not complaining - because it is still better than prior to surgery.  what has happened this month is that i will stall for a few days - or this month for a week then drop a few pounds at one time. today is wednesday and i hadn't been on the scale for 3 days and i am down 2 1/2 pounds since saturday - down 10 pounds over the last 23 days - three months ago (13 weeks) i started on my pre-surgery liquids and that is the date that i use for when my weight loss began - so - total weight loss 54 pounds!

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