Friday, February 6, 2009

9 months ago today ~ weight loss surgery

and what an awesome journey it has been!  i thank God - probably every day - that i had this procedure done.  not one regret whatsoever.  what is really fun now is that i have lost enough where it is fun to go shopping for clothes and the weight loss is very noticeable.  last month i was hoping to lose 125 by today - and i fell short by one pound =  124 pounds lost to date!  not complaining at all though, very happy.

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gradualwisd0m said...

I found your blog via RenewedReflections (gradualwisd0m). I think it's wonderful that you blogged about your experience and I find it an incredible story.

I decided to finally talk to my doctor about WLS but so far I'm only telling my oldest sister, my husband, and two close friends.