Saturday, June 21, 2008

new experience this week (possible TMI)

this has been a very good week - with one exception - experienced "foamies" on monday night.
i've had very good success with ground round - having hamburgers, mock taco salad - even had a steak n shake burger last weekend.  monday evening the kids wanted food from Red Robin and it sounded good to me too so i ordered their protein burger (carry out). this is basically a burger, no bun wrapped in lettuce.  at first bite i could tell that they firmly pack their meat because it just felt more dense - after a couple of bites it stuck. new this time though i started belching a LOT. well i ended up throwing up the burger along with a LOT of foam - very strange and uncomfortable feeling.  

i discovered protein pudding this week from Instone - got it at GNC - it has 20 grams protein and is very tasty - very thick rather gooey texture though, but glad to find another way of getting protein.  the only other protein supplements that i have liked are isopure and the new whey bullets, so i was pleased to find this protein.

made a couple of awesome soups this week from the website ~ creamy cauliflower & chicken (didn't add the chicken, used tofu instead) and my favorite so far the thick black bean soup.  

weight loss to date 42 pounds - after 8 1/2 weeks

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