Saturday, June 14, 2008

time sure has gone quickly

i cannot believe that it has been almost 6 weeks since my surgery.  and i feel great.  have been enjoying different foods this week.  because sarah and terry are on south beach we are all able to eat some of the great recipes that i have found from  this week i made the cheeseburger pie - which was pretty good, i made it with 2% cheese and that cheese doesn't melt very well.  the taste was good but when i make it again i am going to use regular shredded cheddar.  then on thursday i made the au gratin talapia - WOW was it delicious!!!! even took some to work on friday.  had a bit of broccoli too. then today we were doing a special father's day brunch for terry since he is heading to dc in the morning.  made the broccoli quiche OH MY GOODNESS - it is awesome.  unfortunately for me i was eating a piece of turkey bacon and not paying close attention to my chewing and i must not have chewed enough and it ended up getting stuck so i didn't get to eat more than a few bites of the quiche.  speaking of things getting stuck - on monday i ate some stir fry that sarah made with chicken and the same thing happened.  poo!! weight loss to date 40 pounds!!

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