Saturday, June 7, 2008


this week i finally progressed to being able to eat real food that requires chewing!!  oh happy days!  still having the fage yogurt for breakfast because it is good and easy and can pick up at the store by my office (eat breakfast at work)  for lunch i have been making little roll-ups with the buttig type ham (no sugar added meats!) and spreading happy cow on the meat and rolling up.  i make two of them using 3 slices of meat with each one.  i have a little knife and a little fork and take little bites and chew chew chew.  on wednesday evening i had albacore tuna and i am not sure what happened but after eating about half of it it felt like it stuck trying to enter my stomach.  i tried belching it up, tried throwing it up - tried chewing some ice - finally after around a half hour it passed.  i think i'm going to stay away from tuna for a while.  yesterday was the BEST!! had the grilled shrimp from outback with their dipping sauce, which was yummy. today i'm down two more pounds - so the shrimp and sauce were okay!!  today i am going to make a cheeseburger quiche for lunch - recipe from the weight loss board

weight loss to date 36 pounds

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Becka said...

You are doing great. The albacore tuna for me is a bit dry so I use just the regualr tuna packed in water drain it and then mix it with a bit of lite mayo and some dill relish. That seems to work well for me. Again you are doing a great job.