Monday, May 12, 2008

back to work - PART TIME!

because of the nature of the work i do it just sits there whenever i am gone - no one to take over, so i decided from the beginning to only take of the week of surgery and go back to work as soon as possible.  so, this morning, 6 days post-op i was back in the office for a few hours.  it was good to be back, everyone was so great stopping by to see how i was doing. i parked on the street, because i couldn't do the parking garage and the president of the agency even went down and plugged my meter for me!  thankfully there  was a manageable amount of work waiting for me, so it wasn't overwhelming.  i must say though by 11:30 i was pretty tired and left at noon.  

this afternoon i was pretty bummed out because the doctors office called and rescheduled my appointment from tuesday to thursday.  i was REALLY looking forward to getting the drain and staples removed - the drain is extremely uncomfortable/painful.  all my other incisions are healing very well and not sore at all.  

i haven't gotten on the scale since the day of surgery, so i have no idea how much i have lost this week.

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