Saturday, May 10, 2008

friday was a good day

i can tell an improvement in the pain today - mainly in the process of getting up out of a chair. it still hurts quite a bit but it isn't unbearable.  i didn't take any pain medicine until bedtime.  i am having difficulty getting in all the liquids and protein - should have 64 oz liquid and 60g protein.  the WLS did the math and if i drink 1 ounce every 20 minutes i should get in enough during my waking hours.  i was trying to keep track but really came short.  all i drank was isopure and i probably got in a total of 17 ounces.  i did have 2 ounces of coffee - YUM! didn't have any problems w my pouch and the coffee. i think if i could do more of the continual sipsipsipping i would do better than having to wait and drink every 20 minutes.

having a lot of gurgling in my intestines and passing some gas but haven't had a bowel movement yet.

i slept around 4 hours in bed then moved to the recliner - will be glad when it is comfortable to sleep on my side.  

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