Saturday, May 3, 2008

has been a busy week

between fighting this cold or whatever it was along with a huge pile of work that kept building each day along with getting all my hospital admissions and everything completed i am just now having a few minutes to update.

feel MUCH better. sore throat completely gone. but still have an occasional deep cough ~ i certainly pray that this is completely gone by tuesday, i have no desire to cough after surgery.

liquid pre-op diet has been fine.  i discovered that i can have clear broth, so have enjoyed that for lunch and dinner.  imagine you never thought just how delicious green bean juice is have you?? the other night i was making dinner for terry and needed to add a little salt to the green beans and took a taste of the bean juice to see it if was enough - oh how delicious that little sip tasted - HONESTLY!

my weight loss seems to have stablized for the remainder of the week.  i'm sure all the initial rapid weight loss was as a result of losing water weight.

seems like i have lists and lists for my lists of things to do before surgery, things needed to buy and lists for who needs to do what for alex.  but everything is coming together very well.

it is strange where i am mentally.  i think there is a part of me that has not realized that this is really going to happen.  it is not my nature to be pessimistic.  maybe this is a situation where i have thought about by-pass surgery for so many years that it is difficult to believe that i am really doing this.  reality will certainly come to be in a few days though.

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