Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tuesday is a better day!

oh my goodness i feel so much better today.  last night swallowing was absolutely horrible and i thought my head was going to explode from pressure.  today i can swallow and all head pressure is gone.  GREAT antibiotic that the dr. sent out ~ it should be ~ the retail price of this medicine Levaquin is $135.99 for FIVE tablets!!  (so thankful for insurance)

yesterday had Labrada for breakfast (should call it brunch, because i drink it at work and it lasts around 2 hours) then for dinner something new, cytosport tangerine, which was tasty.  most days the two protein drinks i drink have 80 total grams of protein, so i generally don't have a protein drink at lunch, but work on getting in liquids.  i find that the protein drinks are really filling and in fact have a tendency to give me a bit of indigestion.  

weight loss after 7 days on pre-op liquids:  21 pounds!

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