Friday, April 25, 2008

3 days on liquid diet

... and i must say that it has been okay ... not great... but okay.  this morning before leaving for work i poured a labrada chocolate ice cream protein into a bowl and put it in the freezer - gonna have ice cream for dinner tonight!  oh yeah.
yesterday i had whey gourmet arctic cappuccino frappe for breakfast and labrada vanilla ice cream protein for dinner then a little later a half bottle of blueberry isopure. yesterday's totals are:  600 calories, 16 fats (zero trans fats) 17 carbs and 102g protein.  oh i also had around 4 sugar free throat lozenges and 1 sugar free pop cycle - not sure of calories/carbs but can't be very much.

total pounds lost TO DATE:  11  !!  that's in 3 days woo hoo.  i realize that the bulk of that is probably water weight, but hey that's 11 pounds off of my old bones!

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