Sunday, April 27, 2008

5 days on pre-op liquids

i have now completed 5 days on pre-op liquids.  yesterday i didn't get very much in protein wise.  first i put some of the "flavorless" whey protein in a zero power-aid and it isn't flavorless.  it wasn't horrible, but you could certainly tell something had been added to the power-aid.  maybe i will try adding this to a beverage that has more flavor, which will cover up the "flavorless" HA protein.  anyway i probably got 40g. protein in yesterday. didn't have anything at all in the afternoon or last night because we were moving sarah's stuff home from college (she comes home wednesday - HAPPY momma) and by the time i got home the cold i have really took over and i felt like poop so i ended up sleeping, coughing, sucking throat lozenges all night long. not going to church today because i will only be annoying to anyone i sit near with all my coughing and germs.  going to get hold of the doctor first thing tomorrow, because i certainly don't want to have this cough when i have surgery.  
total weight loss to date 16 pounds ~

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