Friday, April 4, 2008

wednesday all day class at DePaul

on wednesday i was a part of a "class" of 6 people who are ready for surgery at our weight loss center. it was very informative ~ nurse got everyones stats; met with doctor; the nurse spoke for around 45 minutes; we watched a recording by dr. scott explaining the process a little more in depth explaining the risks involved in weight loss surgery;  there was a personal trainer who came in and talked about the importance of establishing a good workout program; then we each met with the nurse to turn in additional paperwork given to us that morning and she set up our surgery date.  since i am waiting for my daughter to come home from college i took tuesday may 6th!  we then went down into the hospital and had a pulmonary test, ekg, chest r-rays, and last they took 8 tubes of blood for a complete blood work-up.  (i think that since the beginning of this year i have given that hospital probably a gallon of my blood! :-)

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