Thursday, April 24, 2008

results of day 2 liquid diet

yesterday i pretty much had the same as my first day as far as the labrada protein for breakfast and dinner.  i need to switch it up a little though because last night i wasn't enjoying the thickness of the shake as much as i did the first day.  so, right after drinking the labrada chocolate ice cream protein i poured almost half of the isopure blueberry in a glass over ice and it was just what i needed to get that thick milky feeling out of my mouth and settle my stomach. (lots of belching with the labrada protein)  i guess you could call that cleansing your palate.  

yesterdays totals:  100 g protein, 600 calories, 0 trans fats (18 total fats) 18 carbs.  and about the same amount of water, probably around 42 ounces of just water.  this is really difficult for me to get more water in.  

as of this morning i have lost a total of 5 pounds

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